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Mini-Me is a subsidiary of Corbel Geometries. We employ the most advanced scanning techniques use in film, game, animation and 3D modelling and use the same technology to turn people into photorealistic statues, or Mini-Me’s.

Located in Burnaby, British Columbia – Corbel 3D is Canada’s premier resource for 3D visualization, modelling and scanning for architecture, engineering, development, film and game industries across the country. We are committed to providing the newest 3D technologies for all 3D applications in order to help our clients design more quickly and effectively.

Leveraging Technology – By capitalizing on the latest technologies, we offer greater cost savings and more accurate products than traditional model shops. Our 3D printing solutions provide the fastest, most accurate and cost effective visualization solutions on the market.

Full Service – We help you through every step of the design process. We work with both you and your clients to aid in the design and development process all the way from conception to 3D.

Fast and Flexible – 3D printing is a game changer for industries across the world. Our machines take only hours to produce highly detailed models with more accuracy and flexibility than traditional handcrafted techniques. The flexibility of 3D printing allows us to easily modify  and adjust your models and any time throughout the design phase.

Send us your projects, and see what our 3D technology can do for you!