Immortalize your beloved pets as a realistic replica unlike anything before. We use the industries most advanced 3D scanning techniques to capture the true essence of what makes them special. In a split second 3D Scan, we capture every unique detail of your pets with unparalleled accuracy and detail.  Remember just they way they are for all time in a unique and cherishable new way.

  • Scanning must be done in person (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Standard Sizes

5 Inch Figurine

6 Inch Figurine

8 Inch Figurine

$249.99 CAD

1/16 Scale

$125 Reprint

$339.99 CAD

1/12 Scale

$189 Reprint

$479.99 CAD

1/9 Scale

$290 Reprint

10 Inch Figurine

12 Inch Figurine

14 Inch Figurine

$629.00 CAD

1/7 Scale

$450 Reprint

$769.00 CAD

1/6 Scale

$600 Reprint

$969.00 CAD

1/5 Scale

$750 Reprint


Optional Add-Ons.

Display Case Base Accessories  Engraving (Includes Base)
$35.00 $15.00 $30.00 $40.00


High-End 3D Scan Export * (.obj oder .fbx)

Please visit our professional website: www.corbel3d.com