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The 5 Step Process


Mini-Me Canada by Corbel 3D uses the perfect combination of the latest 3D scanning techniques with the revolutionary technology of 3D printing, Mini-Me allows people the ability to capture memories, moments and loved one’s like never before; preserving them in a three dimensional, highly detailed figurine for years to come.


1) Make A Booking3d illustration: Technique. concept camera

Please come at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time so you will have time to prepare. Although each scan only takes a split second, please allow 30 minutes so we can guide you through the process and make sure you are satisfied with the result.

Scanning must be done at our Vancouver studio located at #101 – 334 East Kent Ave South

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2) 3D Scanning

Our custom-built photogrammetry 3D scanner makes it possible to capture a full 3D scan in the blink of an eye. Our scanner is comprised of 128x Canon DSLR cameras in a 360 degree array, capable of capturing extremely accurate, high resolution, full colour 3D images in milliseconds.

We always tailor our 3D photo sessions to you and your needs, depending on the occasion. We have several session types to choose from in addition to the standard individual session, including Couple, Family, Pet and Wedding Sessions.

Please note: Preparations for your Scan





beata3) Digital Touch Up

 Once the system has analyzed the shape of all visible details, we will take your digital likeness and make sure the print turns out as lifelike as possible. At this point is also when our digital artists can add in any desired props or change individual features such as putting groups of people together.











4) 3D Printing

We use the latest state-of-the-art colour 3D printing technology to create your photo-realistic Mini-Me. The printer will print your three dimensional self portraits  layer by layer slowly unveiling your Mini-Me.










IMG_0897_resized5) Delivery

In less than a 7 days you will have your very own Mini-Me. You can pick it up or have it shipped. Let just let us know and we will make it reality (After all, making things reality is what we do!)