GraduationPublic Gift Certficiate

Commencement Day will be over in a flash. But with 98 flashes from our scanning rig, you can forever hold a tiny 3D figurine of your graduating self in cap and gown.


You are only young once, but you can stay Mini forever!

Family Photos

The coolest family photo for the coolest family!


Can you think of a more remarkable Wedding Cake Topper? This is sure to make a less-than-Mini splash at your wedding.

Spruce Up Your Office

My wife felt that a figurine of her on my office desk would encourage me to keep it tidy. Instead I just think of her all day.

Pets & Other Fury (or not so fury) Friends!

Scan with your dog, cat, bird, helper chimpanzee. They dont even need to hold still for more than a second with our amazing scanning technology.

A Unique and Cherishable Gift

You are the perfect gift to your loved ones.